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2 Sumps Pumps That Will Help Protect Your Home from Flooding and Water Damage

If your home suffers from problems due to flooding, or if water damage is an issue in your basement because of a high water table, you don’t have to roll up your sleeves and do the hard labor of bailing out the water every few weeks. There is a much more powerful and effective way to keep your home dry and protected from flooding and standing water: a sump pump. Contact a professional plumber to find a sump pump that will handle removing the excess water from your basement or crawlspace and give you fewer worries during the year.

To schedule sump pump service in Naperville, IL and throughout Chicagoland and Fox Valley, call on the experienced plumbers at Lifeline Plumbing.

There are different sizes and models of sump pumps, but there are two basic types that you have to choose from:

The pedestal sump pump

The sump pump, as its name implies, sits on a pedestal over the water collection area (which is the sump, a depression that the sump pump installer excavates out of the lowest area of the basement or crawlspace). A pipe runs down from the sump pump into the sump, and the motor of the pump draws up the water and then pushes it out into the wastewater system or a well.

Pedestal pumps are effective at their job, and they are also easy for professionals to maintain and repair. Because they are placed out of the water, they do not suffer as much wear and tear as the other type of sump pump and have long service lives. However, their engines require more power to pump out the water against the force of gravity.

The submersible sump pump

This type of pump sits down within the sump itself, submerged under the water. Intakes draw the water from the sump inside it, where impeller motors push it out through a pipe that leads to the wastewater system.

Because submersible sump pumps are exposed to the water, they may need more repairs than pedestal pumps, and they are a bit more difficult to service. But they are more energy efficienct, and in cases of heavy floods work better than pedestal pumps.

Which sump pump is the right one for your home? That’s a question that only a plumber can answer when he or she visits your home and finds out your specific needs. Call Lifeline Plumbing today and we’ll give you the professional assistance you need in Naperville, IL for a sump pump installation that will take care of your home.