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Do You Have a Sewer Drain Clog?

One of our specialties is dealing with sewer drains. While nobody likes to think about them very much, sewer lines are basically the mother-ship of plumbing systems, and having a clog is a very serious problem that can turn into a costly plumbing emergency.

When a clog occurs, your water will have no place to go, so it will eventually come back up into the household plumbing in one way or another. If you suspect you have a sewer drain clog, it’s best to not use any of your plumbing until it is inspected by a professional. In the meantime however, read below for a few telltale signs of a sewer drain clog.

Toilet Troubles

While any and all plumbing fixtures in your home can be negatively impacted by a sewer drain clog, toilets have a direct path to the sewer. It’s uncommon to have a main line sewer stoppage and yet have fully functioning toilets.

Tub or Shower Problems

Tub and shower drains sit lower than sink drains, and as a result are more susceptible to problems when you have a sewer line stoppage. Check if these drains are blocked if you think you may have a sewer drain clog.

Fixtures with Unusual Reactions

When you flush the toilet, do you notice another toilet in your home bubbling? Or maybe you notice water backing up in the tub or shower. These are all clear signs of a sewer drain clog. The flushed water is unable to go down the sewer drain, so it has to flow back up somewhere.

Washing Machine Issues

When you run your washing machine, the water draining out has nowhere to go if there is a sewer drain clog. Instead, it may cause your toilets to overflow, or could back up into your tub or shower. Keep in mind however, that it may be a washing machine stoppage, unrelated to your sewer line.

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