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Dundee Plumbing Tips: How to Keep Your Drain Lines Healthy

There are two sides to your plumbing system: the plumbing side that brings fresh water in and allows it to flow, and the drain side that removes the waste or “gray” water from your home. Problems with either side can cause disruption, but when it comes to your sewer and drains, the issues can be particularly messy. However, there are some simple steps you can take that can help reduce the amount of issues your drains lines in Dundee, IL, develop, as we’ll explain below.

Tip #1: Don’t Use OTC Drain Cleaners

Over-the-counter drain cleaners contain caustic, harsh chemicals that can burn your plumbing and damage it; this is the main reason you shouldn’t use them on a clog or slow drain. Second, many are made in a gel form so that the cleaner will cling. This means it can take weeks to flush these chemicals from your system, giving the chemicals too much time to cause damage to your plumbing.

Tip #2: Don’t Put the Wrong Things in Your Drains

Your plumbing was made to handle certain materials, and large food particles and fats, oils and grease (FOG) are not included in this list. Large food particles can lodge in the drain, causing a blockage, and FOG can create a thick build-up that can restrict water flow and eventually cause a clog. Contrary to popular belief, using hot water with any kind of FOG doesn’t help flush it from the system, and in fact, pushes it further down the drain. This is because the FOG is removed; it simply melts due to the heat, then re-solidifies once it cools.

Tip #3: Schedule Annual Plumbing Maintenance

When you schedule annual plumbing maintenance, your entire plumbing system is checked, drains are cleared and your toilets are inspected. Annual maintenance for your plumbing system helps make the system more efficient and also helps detect any existing or developing issues so that you can get ahead of repairs.

Taking care of the drains in your home helps both you and your plumbing. Need help with your drain lines? Call Lifeline Plumbing today and schedule an appointment for your Dundee, IL, home.