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Common Causes of Backed Up Drains

There’s few feelings more frustrating than turning on the faucet only to see the water backing up instead of draining like it should. Or worse, finding a standing puddle of water and sludge at the bottom of your sin. Backed up drains are no fun, and while the mildest cases can be handled with store-bought drain cleaners in most cases you should call a trained Elgin, IL plumber to handle it.  But what are some of the common causes of backed up drains? Knowing that information may help you prevent such clogs from forming in the future.

  • Food or hair. The most obvious causes of backed-up drains are things washed down the drain itself that stick in the pipes and create a clog. In the kitchen, this can include hot grease and fat (which can solidify in the pipes as it cools) as well as fibrous vegetable matter such as celery and potato peelings. In the bathroom, it can mean tangled hair and soap scum. A plumber can use a drain snake or similar device to unclog such materials.
  • Structural damage. Sagging pipes, dents in the plumbing, and frozen water inside the pipes can lead to clogs and back-ups, as they restrict the flow of drain water out of your system. In these cases, a plumber needs to pinpoint the exact spot of the damage and install a length of replacement pipe in many cases.
  • Tree roots. Tree roots can be attracted to the main drain line out of your home, sending roots into the pipe and/or crushing the pipe with slow but pervasive force. Sometimes hydro jetting can clear roots, but you might need to replace your whole pipe if the damage is too severe.

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