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Five Helpful Tips to Detect Plumbing Leaks in Your Algonquin Home; Tips from an Algonquin Plumber

Water damage can be extremely harmful to your home. A plumbing leak can be one of the worst things that can happen, as it can destroy carpets, upholstery, furniture, and result in massive monetary loss.

It’s best to avoid a plumbing leak from creeping up on you by being proactive, and preventing water damage from occurring in the first place. Leak detection is, therefore, the best way to safeguard your Algonquin home against water damage.


A practical way to monitor leaks is to always keep an eye on your water bill. If you notice a higher water bill with the same consumption, you could have a water leak in the house that needs to be detected.

In this post we’ll discuss five useful plumbing tips that will help in detecting leaks in your Algonquin home:

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1. Check Your Meter Line

To check the meter line, you will first need to locate the main valve and shut it off.

There could be a possibility that dirt and debris has accumulated on the lid. If tough residue has accumulated over the meter, it will need to be cleaned before the dial can become visible.

Once the lid is removed, check the dial to see if the meter is still running. If it is, then it could indicate a leak between the meter and the house. It could also indicate a leaking valve somewhere in the plumbing system. If you are not able to find the source of the leak on your own, it’s best to call a professional plumber.

2. Check the Toilets

Toilets are highly prone to water leaks. Some simple indicators include the water flowing from the tank to the bowl when no one is using it, or the toilet flushing itself at irregular intervals.

Alternatively, if you place a few drops of food coloring in the tank and notice the color in the bowl after a few minutes, you definitely have a leak in the toilet.

3. Check the Hot Water Tank

The hot water tank can also be checked using sight and sound. If you see water or moisture accumulated at the bottom of the tank, there are chances of a leak.

Also, near the hot water tank, make sure to check the pressure relief valve and drain pipe for any leaks. If you are unable to remove the drain pipe, listen closely for any hissing sounds, which could indicate a leak.

4. Check Hose Bibs

Hose bibs can also form leaks. To perform a check, place a screwdriver on the metal part of the hose bib. Place your thumb’s knuckle on the other end of the screwdriver. Now, place your ear on your knuckle — this makes it work like a stethoscope, and you should be able to hear the leak.

5. Check Other Leak Points

There could be various other leak points inside the home that need to be examined. Check showerheads to see if they are dripping. Also, check faucets in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room sinks.

Faucets might also be leaking continuously due to a worn-out rubber washer. If you have the correct tools, you could replace the washer yourself. Or, you can hire your local plumber to fix the leak for you.

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