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How to Know What to Keep When Remodeling Your Bathroom in Arlington Heights

When doing any kind of remodel on your home, the focus is often on what to add; however, you should also pay close attention to what to remove, as it may be important to keep certain items. Here are some suggestions from the experts at Lifeline Plumbing to help you decide what should stay and what should go when remodeling your bathroom in Arlington Heights, IL:

The Bathtub

Bathtubs are often the centerpieces of a bathroom, even if the tub seems outdated. So do you keep your tub or replace it? Part of deciding this is sizing up whether or not your current tub will fit with your new bathroom: does it offer what you want from a tub? If so, does it need any work, such as re-glazing? There are bathtubs today that are practically masterpieces, so if you do need a new tub, do your homework and chose one that fits with your remodel and accomplishes what you need it to.

Vanity and Sink

Remodels usually involve bringing your bathroom down to the studs in order to really re-create the room. However, you may have a period piece for a vanity, or have something embedded as part of the vanity that needs to stay in order to maintain the integrity of the room. Vanities can make a big difference in a room, so size up your situation carefully.


Tile can add color and dimension to any bathroom. You may have inherited some beautiful tile work that should be kept, or you may want to install new tile work to help create your new bathroom vision. Having cracked tile doesn’t mean that it absolutely has to go; there are lots of ways to repair broken or loose tiles that can restore the tilework beautifully. If you do choose tile, make sure you have an expert install it to ensure a long life for the work.

A full bathroom remodel in Arlington Heights, IL, is about achieving a new vision for your bathroom, not just changing a color scheme.

If you need help with a bathroom remodel, call the experts you can count on: Lifeline Plumbing.