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Furnace Tune-Up FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

In order to help your furnace operate efficiently and as effectively as possible for as long as it should, it’s vital to schedule routine preventive maintenance for the heating system. This is particularly true for gas furnaces. While safety risks are rare nowadays, they still exist within furnaces that are not properly cared for.

To help you understand the importance of regular tune-ups, we’ve shared with you below some of the most common inquiries we get in regards to furnace tune-ups, followed by our responses.

Q: Is a Neglected Furnace Dangerous?

As we mentioned above, safety risks are rare nowadays. However, safety with a gas furnace will always be at least a small concern. Even with the wide variety of safety precautions built into today’s furnaces, you should be aware of the risks. Skipping your tune-up don’t necessarily mean you and your family will be in danger, but there’s a higher risk for fire and related emergencies without this service.

Q: Do I Need a Furnace Tune-Up Every Year?

Consider how much work your furnace goes through in just one winter. That’s a good amount of strain and stress to handle. If you skip even one year of furnace maintenance, you can quickly begin to see the negative impacts this will have on your system’s efficiency and reliability.

Q: Can a Tune-Up Save Me Money?

When you enroll in our maintenance program, you ensure that your furnace will be adequately checked so that it works at its highest possible energy efficiency. We can’t put a solid number of what you’ll save financially, as it depends on your home and how often you use your furnace. However the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that adequately maintained furnaces can save you a little over $30 a month versus their neglected counterparts.

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