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What Are Slab Leaks and Why Do I Need Plumbers to Fix Them?

Among the many different types of plumbing repair issues that a home may encounter, a slab leak is one of the most difficult to repair—and also one of the most difficult to locate in the first place. This is a job that requires skilled plumbers who not only have experience with this type of repair, but have special equipment for detecting the leaks and repairing them with a minimal amount of damage to property.

Slab leaks basics

Slab leak is a plumbing term for leaks that occur in pipes buried under a hard rock surface. Usually, it is applied to leaks in the hot and cold water lines within the foundation of a house. If your home has a slab leak, it is probably this type. Around 80% of slab leaks occur in the hot water lines, and the rest in the cold water lines. Because slab leaks happen under concrete, they are often difficult to notice at first. If you see cracking on the basement floor of your home, hear running water where there shouldn’t be any, or notice your water heater coming on and off at strange time, you may have a slab leak. Call a licensed plumber right away.

Slab leak detection and repair

A slab leak is not only a major waste of water, it can lead to damage to your house and water entering the basement. Only skilled professional plumbers can hope to access the buried pipe to repair it.

When plumbers come to a home to repair a slab leak, they first use special detection equipment (listening discs, ground microphones, pressure scanners) to pinpoint the spot in the foundation where the leak is happening. Sometimes they can use lateral techniques to bypass the leak with a new pipe. Other times, it’s necessary to dig with a jackhammer to reach the pipe. If you have top-level plumbers on the job, you can expect them to provide exactly what you need for a successful slab leak repair.

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