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Some Plumbing Tasks to Consider for the Beginning of the Year

It’s already 2016, and right now is the right time to start making good on those New Year’s resolutions. We’re not sure what specific plans you have the coming 12 months, but we have some suggestions for plumbing tasks in your home that are definitely excellent ideas. They aren’t difficult jobs, either: you only have to call on a professional plumber to arrange for them!

Schedule routine drain cleaning

Drain cleaning isn’t just a job for when an emergency clog jams up a sink in your home. Drain cleaning is also a preventive measure that will help keep clogs from starting in the first place. If you’ve never arranged to have professional drain cleaning done, make it a priority this year—and the sooner it’s done, the better it’ll be for your plumbing! Our drain cleaning experts use the best in hydro-jetting and drain auger (a.k.a. motorized drain snake) technology to see that your drainpipes are scoured and scrubbed clean. With this level of cleaning, it’ll be hard for buildup to start again.

Consider repiping

If you live in a home that’s older than 1970, you may have outdated pipes that are in danger of corrosion. The best solution to this problem is to arrange for a partial or complete house repiping. Contact our plumbers and they will help you decide if a repiping will benefit your home.

Find any hidden pipe leaks

Are you suspicious of leaking occurring somewhere in your home? When the water bills start to increase but you know you aren’t using more water than normal, this rise in costs often indicates a leak someplace. To get to the bottom of it, call for plumbers who offer leak detection services. They’ll use advanced equipment to find if you have leaks and their precise locations. You can then have the plumbers take care of the necessary repairs.

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