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You are currently viewing What Is a Water Hammer, and How Can You Prevent It? Insights from a Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Company in Bartlett, Illinois

What Is a Water Hammer, and How Can You Prevent It? Insights from a Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Company in Bartlett, Illinois

While banging pipes — also known as a water hammer — are nothing more than an irritating noise in many cases, there are times when it may indicate a more severe problem with your plumbing system.

Are you dealing with a water hammer in your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, this plumbing, heating and air conditioning company in Bartlett, Illinois is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about these types of plumbing issues.

What is a water hammer? 

A water hammer, also known as banging pipes, is a type of plumbing problem that may happen in the water reticulation system of your home in Bartlett. 

Standard water pipes only produce flowing sounds when the hot or cold water passes through. If the flowing water causes a shock wave within the pipes, it will make an irritating banging sound.  

What causes banging noises in your water pipes? 

The first step to address this troublesome problem is to find out what causes it and when it usually occurs. As any reputable plumber in Bartlett, Illinois can tell you, the most common instances when the water hammer sound occurs include: 

  • Abnormally high-water pressure – It is the most prevalent reason for noisy pipes. The standard water pressure for a home is between 30 and 80 psi, but the plumbing system in your Bartlett, Illinois home may reach more than 80 psi. When this occurs, the pipes may sound off in protest. 
  • Loose pipes – If your water pipe is poorly attached and dangling from its original fixture, you will hear the sharp tapping noises from the plumbing system. This fixture must be attached securely to the wall or ceiling. You can fix this problem by repairing the pipe with insulated pipe clips or anchor them in a joist. 
  • Inadequate water in a forced hot water system – Forced hot water pipes tend to become “air bound,” which means they accumulate more air in the system. It will result in a banging and gurgling sound. You may ask your local plumbing company in Bartlett to fix the system and improve the water temperature to reduce the pipe noises. 

Some other reasons for water hammer include dysfunctional brass seats, faulty tap washers, and pipe airlocks.

How can you prevent water hammer sounds?

Like all plumbing problems, preventing the onset of the water hammer is better than finding a solution. A licensed plumber in Bartlett, Illinois can fix and prevent the problem by making a gas-filled space before the outlet to avoid pressure buildups. 

Generally, older homes in Bartlett are designed with air chambers with a covered vertical pipe attached near the outlet. But today, Bartlett plumbers will use a water hammer arrestor to solve the problem. This device has a covered pressurized chamber with a lubricated piston with a rubber gasket. It is used to avoid water retention in the arrestor. 

Using the arrestor provides the necessary space for the water to flow freely when a shock is present. The internal piston will help ensure that water will flow continuously.

What are the common tools needed to fix water hammers? 

If your home does not have a water hammer arrestor installed in the plumbing system, you can have it installed near the solenoid valves by a professional plumber in Bartlett, Illinois. 

You may also buy a water hammer arrestor from a nearby home center. If you plan to work on this project by yourself, you’ll need to gather the following tools:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Soldering torch
  • Plumber’s tape 
  • Tube cutter 

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