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Mold and Mildew Problems? Consider Bathroom Remodeling

Warm and wet areas are the favored spots for mold and mildew to start growing, and that means the bathrooms of a home—particularly ones that contain showers and bathtubs—are a prime target for these unpleasant biological intruders.

Mold and mildew have some similarities, but also important differences: mildew is a kind of surface fungus, and mold is a larger fungus that can sometimes release toxic spores. You don’t want either to start growing in a bathroom. They not only look unpleasant and might lead to health problems, but they also cause immense damage to building material, warping wood and chewing right through drywall.

In some cases, massive mold and mildew growth inside a bathroom, particularly in an older home, can develop out of control to the point that standard cleaning methods and remediation techniques won’t solve the problem. A bathroom remodel is often the answer for excess mold and mildew… and it isn’t just to make the bathroom look attractive again. Remodeling solves deeper troubles from hidden biological growths.

Call Lifeline Plumbing today to ask about our services for bathroom remodeling in Aurora, IL and the surrounding areas. Our years of plumbing experience make us ideal for dealing with mold and mildew issues through remodeling.

One of the major troubles from mold and mildew is something you cannot see. Once these two nuisances have started to affect the walls and cabinets in a bathroom, you can be certain that they are also growing in areas under the bathtub and shower and behind cabinets, out of sight and reach. This is the worst sort of water damage that a bathroom can suffer, and the weakening of the structure can even lead to floor collapse. If you start to notice “sagging” around the toilet or the tub, then the mold and mildew problem has become severe.

A bathroom remodel involves taking out the fixtures and cleaning away all the infestations from water. During the remodel, you’ll have all the hidden areas of the bathroom exposed and thoroughly cleansed. New fixtures will go into the clean areas, and you will not only have a beautiful new bathroom given an attractive face-lift, you’ll also have all the hidden and usually inaccessible mold and mildew destroyed.

The new fixtures should help prevent these problems from returning in the future. The remodelers will see that the new fixtures are tightly caulked and sealed so that water moisture will not be able to seep into spots where it will stagnate and encourage mold and mildew to start growing.

There are many good reasons to schedule full bathroom remodeling in Aurora, IL, and getting rid of mold and mildew is only one of them.

Call our bathroom remodelers at Lifeline Plumbing today and find out more about what we can do to enliven your old bathroom.