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Energy Saving AC Tips

With energy costs seemingly ever on the rise, it’s important to make the most of your energy expenditure. Your air conditioner operates on electricity as you know all too well, and while you cannot control the cost of energy, you can control how you use it. But saving energy does not have to impact your comfort. The two can actually go hand-in-hand. In today’s post, we have devised some energy saving AC tips so that you can keep cool without breaking the bank. Call Lifeline Plumbing today for all of the air conditioning repair and maintenance  services you need in Naperville.

  • Replace your air filter on a regular basis: In order for your system to function, it needs to be protected from the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris. Your HVAC air filter does a fairly good job from making sure that your internal components are not too adversely affected by debris. But during the peak cooling season, this filter can itself become excessively dirty or clogged with debris, in which case it can actually begin to slow down the passage of cool air. This tends to increase energy costs.
  • Enroll in routine air conditioning maintenance: Beyond changing the filter and keeping the surrounding area clear of belongings and debris, the majority of air conditioning maintenance must be taken care of by a qualified AC technician. During these routine visits, we can thoroughly inspect, clean, and make adjustments to your AC so that it stays efficient.
  • Programmable thermostat installation: If you’re still operating your AC with a conventional thermostat, you should consider investing in a digital, programmable model. This allows you to create a schedule of cooling for your home based on your unique situation. You can schedule it to raise the temperature after leaving for work and then lower the temperature again before you get home from work each day. During the summer, this can reduce your energy costs without sacrificing the pleasure of walking into a cool home.

Make sure you get in touch with an HVAC professional if you need work done on your AC. Call Lifeline Plumbing today for excellent Naperville air conditioning services.