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Ten Important Plumbing Tips in Glen Ellyn; Tips from an Emergency Plumbing Company


Plumbing is often taken for granted by homeowners until something serious happens and requires immediate attention. A lot of times, what seems like a minor issue may escalate into a bigger problem that involves dealing with clogged pipes, leaks, and even property damage.

Here are our top 10 plumbing tips that will help you avoid some of the biggest issues related to clogged pipes in Glen Ellyn:

1. Flush Properly

It is important that only bodily waste and toilet waste be flushed down the toilet. If there is anything else that is pushed down (cotton, medication, hygiene products etc.), chances are high that the toilet drain could get clogged.

2. No Grease or Oil

If you throw oil or grease in your kitchen drain, it may not have any immediate effect, but it will slowly build up in layers until the drain becomes clogged. Instead, let the grease solidify and later dispose it in the compost bin.

3. Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners are often used because they are advertised as being effective immediately, but they are actually more harmful in the long run. They tend to corrode the internal plumbing parts and are best avoided.

4. Use a Strainer

Clogs in the kitchen are often caused by vegetable and fruit peels, and in the bathroom by soap and hair residue. Avoid clogging and sticky drains by using a strainer both in the kitchen and the bathroom.

5. Test Seals for Leaks

Leaks in the toilet or kitchen pipes can spell big trouble, but they can be avoided if they are caught early on. You can identify leaks at the seal. For example, a simple food coloring test can help identify if the flush valve seal is leaking when the flush isn’t in the flushing mode.

6. Sewer Drain Accessibility

It is critical to have your sewer drain free of debris, plants, and twigs so that it is clear for accessibility. This is especially important in the case of a blockage where the sewer line needs to be accessed immediately.

7. Install Separate Shut Off Valves

The benefit of installing separate shut off valves is that it will eliminate the “no water or all water” problem. Basically, you’ll have the option to turn off the water to different sections of the house as needed. So, for example, if you have a problem with the kitchen, you’ll still be able to use the bathroom.

8. Close the Tap Just Right

Often times, we hear the faucet dripping and are tempted to tighten it as much as we can. This is actually bad for the faucet’s seal. Close the faucet at its natural stopping point and avoid the urge to shut it as tight as you can go. If the problem persists or becomes worse, we recommend calling a licensed Glen Ellyn plumber.

9. Prevent Plumbing from Freezing

During the frigid winter months, there is a chance that the plumbing can freeze. In order to avoid this, always have air circulating at no lower than 60°F and ensure that the house is adequately insulated.

10. Know Where the Valves Are

In an emergency, if you ever need to shut off the water supply and save the house from further damage, you should know where the valves are located. At the least, you should know where the main water valve is located so that you can shut it off before calling for help.

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