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Common Zone Heating Repairs

Zone control systems are designed to bring customized comfort to your home, so if you are experiencing issues with comfort or a clear difference in how your zones are heating, it may be time for zone heating repair in Barrington. Zone systems are designed to be durable, but this doesn’t guarantee that you won’t need to repair your zone system at some point. What kinds of repairs are done to zone control systems? Let’s take a look:

Issues with the Motorized Dampers

In a zone heating system, motorized dampers control the flow of the air into your home. Sometimes problems can arise with these dampers, the most common being a damper that becomes stuck. It is important to allow an expert to repair any issues with your dampers as they are located within your ductwork and require specific handling.

Problems with Thermostats

One of the items your technician will check is the thermostat for each zone. This is because thermostats are the control center for each zone, and if there’s an operational problem with the thermostat, the zone will have a problem. Common problems with thermostats are dirty or dusty instrumentation, frayed or corroded wiring or dying batteries. While these problems are fairly easy to resolve, it’s best to leave them to an expert.

Issues with the Main Control Panel

The main control panel is the component that tells the dampers to open or close based on the zone thermostat settings. The panel is similar to an electrical panel in a home, and should a wiring or electrical problem develop with the panel, communication between the dampers and the board may be affected, or communication between the thermostats and the panel may be affected. The main panel can be tricky, so it’s important to hire an expert to review and repair any issues with the main control panel.

If you are experiencing problems with your zone system and require zone heating repair for your home in Barrington, call the experts you can trust: Lifeline Plumbing.