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Clogged Drain? Here Are Some Methods To Help

drain cleaning

There are a lot of reasons that your home could require drain cleaning. A chemical concentration, good product, grease accumulation — all reasons that your drain could become clogged. These clogs could require plumbing services if left alone or not prevented.

However, there are ways that you can perform drain cleaning on your own and prevent the need to reach out to local plumbers for assistance for simple matters. Keep in mind that these methods only work on clogs that are small and not yet serious.

If you have a serious issue, please call a plumbing contractor. A professional plumber spends four to six years as an apprentice in some states as a requirement to get their license, and so they are experts in these fields.

Flush With Hot Water
Hot water is an easy solution that is often overlooked due to how simple it is. You can clean your pipes by flushing them with hot water through a combination of water pressure, heat, and force.

Running hot water through the pipes for around 15 minutes is the optimal time frame for this solution. The best part is that it requires nothing more than a working faucet.

Use Your Own Tools
A plunger, a drain cleaning snake, anything that might be in the average home can be used for a DIY cleaning method. There are even specially made sink plungers to unclog your bathroom or kitchen sink drains.

A drain snake can be purchased at a local home improvement store for around $25 to $50, and it offers a return on investment after a single use. These are what most plumbers would use to do basic drain cleaning.

Using one is rather simple, but here are some techniques to try:

  1. Begin by feeding the snake into the pipes and turning the handle until you encounter resistance.
  2. Rotate the snake against the blockage, allowing it to latch on to the clogging material.
  3. Slowly pull the snake from the pipes to remove the materials and run the water to remove residue in the pipes

And there you have it — a simple, easy, and perfectly acceptable way to do drain cleaning on small blockages.

Try Liquid Cleaners
If the above methods don’t work, you can turn to liquid cleaners or chemical cleaners. If you’re worried about the damage that a commercial cleaner can have, you can try a home-made mixture instead. They break down and dislodge any drain pipe buildup affecting the pipes and don’t run the risk of pipe damage or deterioration after extended use.

A common one is a simple vinegar and baking soda mixture. They react when combined to break down materials in the pipes, and they don’t have effects on the structure of the pipe walls.

To use this mixture, pour one cup of each down the drain pipes, then follow with a pan of boiling water after five or so minutes. This should dislodge any materials in the drain.

Those are just some methods of at-home drain cleaning to consider. However, it is recommended that you call a professional if you feel that you won’t be able to properly clean your drain or don’t want to risk causing more harm than good. If you have any questions about hiring a professional plumber or performing drain cleaning, give us a call.

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