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Why You Need This Important Plumbing Service

Do you need to have your sewer line replaced? Images of this job probably make you cringe and want to put off repairs for as long as possible. It doesn’t have to be this way though; replacing a sewer line doesn’t have to be an intrusive and intensive process. At least, not when you hire us to perform trenchless sewer repair!

Trenchless sewer repair, which we refer to as pipelining, is a brand new service we offer that helps us—and you—avoid the timely and expensive process of tearing up your entire yard to make what should be a simple fix or replacement. Keep reading to learn more about what exactly this technology is and why you’d need it.

How Trenchless Technology Works

Traditionally, sewer line repair has required extensive work. However, trenchless pipelining can usually be done in a day. Instead of digging up your entire yard, our technicians dig two holes at either end of your sewer line for easier access.

Once these holes are dug, our plumbers can use special equipment to run an inflatable tube inside your old pipe. A bladder is placed inside the tube and inflated so that it hardens and dries against the inside of your old pipe, giving it new life!

Why Would You Need This Service?

You may wonder what would necessitate this type of service. One common reason we get calls for sewer line repairs is due to leaks. Leaks are typically noticed due to soggy patches in the homeowners’ yard as well as the smell of sewage. If you’ve noticed either of these signs, you likely need sewer line repair.

Tree roots are another common cause of sewer line damage. Their unpredictable growth can easily infiltrate a sewer line looking for water, causing breaks and cracks in the process. Not much can be done to prevent this problem, but being aware of it can help you know when you may need to schedule drain repair services.

For quality trenchless pipelining services in Elgin, IL and beyond, contact Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today. Have a peace of mind from a job done right!