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Options for Different Water Treatment Systems in Naperville, Illinois

Water can contain chemicals, sediments, and different types of impurities coming into your Naperville home. All of these can affect the smell and taste of water. Additionally, long term intake of water with even minor impurities can have its effect on health.

Moreover, if your water tastes and smells better, you’ll probably end up drinking more of it. Proper hydration aids in muscle maintenance and digestion. Below, we have compiled some important information regarding water purification and the four most commonly used methods to treat water in Batavia, Illinois.

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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems use pressure to force liquid through a semi-permeable membrane. This helps to reduce any dissolved ions such as salts in the water.

Substances that are dissolved in water are filtered out by the membrane, and water molecules are diffused one molecule at a time, resulting in completely pure water.

The cost of a reverse osmosis unit could vary from $150 to $1000 based on the size and functionality required for your home.

There are options that range from a countertop unit that can be attached to the kitchen sink in minutes, to a whole-house filter system that is more difficult and complex to install. Under-sink reverse osmosis systems are more common and can be installed by a professional in as little as one hour.


Ultraviolet water treatment systems use UV rays to kill microorganisms within the water. The UV rays lie between x-rays and visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum. Although we cannot see it, we are exposed to it by the natural sunlight every day.

The frequency is kept at 254 nanometers (nm) also known as the Germicidal Spectrum. UV lamps are used in the system, which is designed to have the highest amount of UV energy at the given frequency.

As the water passes through the UV water treatment system, the microorganisms are rendered inactive by eliminating their ability to reproduce or infect other organisms.

The advantages of the UV system is that it is safe (no chemicals used), clean (no parts to dispose), has low electrical usage, and is highly reliable.


Filtration is a process in which water is made to pass through a system of one or more filters. This helps in removing odor, taste, iron, and “cloudiness” from water. The design of a filtration system could vary from a compact cartridge device to a tank system.

A filtration system would generally use neutralizing, oxidizing/catalyst, adsorptive, or mechanical filters. It is a cost-effective way to improve water quality without wasting water or using electricity. Additionally, the system can be specifically designed to target a particular water issue such as chlorine taste, or sediment removal.


Distillation is a process where liquid is heated to convert it to its vapor state. The vapor state is then cooled and condensed to the liquid state and collected. In contrast to other processes, distillation is a process wherein the water is removed from the contaminants (not the other way around). The advantage is that distilled water is purified by passing through one or many distillation cycles, and it contains no dissolved solids. However, since the process is cumbersome and requires more energy, it is not a widely-used method for water purification.

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