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Hybrid Water Heaters

Are you satisfied with your current water heater? Would you like to cut down on energy costs without sacrificing your hot water supply? For many homeowners, few things are as important to their morning routine as a hot shower; and there’s nothing quite like letting the dishwasher take care of things after a big family dinner. But the cost of heating your water makes up a substantial chunk of your monthly expenses, and considering the ever–rising cost of energy, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your home as efficient as possible.

At Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we offer a wide range of hybrid water heater services, including:

  • Hybrid water heater installation
  • Hybrid water heater replacement
  • Hybrid water heater repair
  • Hybrid water heater maintenance

We can make sure that your new hybrid system is installed properly so that you get the most out of your new equipment. Likewise, we can take care of your hybrid water heater with routine preventive maintenance and comprehensive repair services. Let us make your home a better place to live.

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How Does a Hybrid Water Heater Work?

While more and more homeowners are becoming familiar with tankless water heaters, few are probably as familiar with hybrid water heaters. These systems offer excellent energy efficiency ratings without sacrificing your comfort. There are two different kinds of hybrid water heaters.

The first utilizes tankless technology while also providing a reserve tank as backup hot water storage. A dual heat exchanger captures the thermal energy of the exhaust from the combustion, which allows it to get the most out of each combustion cycle. The other kind looks more like a standard tank water heater but has an air–source heat pump attached that uses the ambient air to heat your water whenever possible.

Hybrid Water Heater Installation and Replacement

When it comes to the installation or replacement of your hybrid water heater, make sure that it is completed by a professional hybrid water heater installation technician. At Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we enjoy improving the lives of our customers one water heater at a time, and we realize that hybrid water heaters offer excellent performance with high energy efficiency ratings. But the quality of your equipment must be matched by the quality of the installation. We can make sure that your hybrid water heater installation or replacement service runs smoothly, so that you get back to enjoying your hot water.

Hybrid Water Heater Repair and Maintenance Services

Does your hybrid water heater make a strange sound during operation? Would you like to make sure that your hot water heater works efficiently? Our plumbing professionals offer comprehensive hybrid water heater repair services, and we can help you out with any problem that you may be having. Whether your system is no longer producing enough hot water, or it leaks, we can solve the problem fast. We also offer hybrid water heater maintenance services to ensure maximum performance today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


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