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Types of Drain Snakes

A drain snake is a device used to clear clogs out of plumbing pipes, consisting of a stiff but flexible length of wire with a bristled head at the end. The principle is fairly straightforward: extend the snake down the drain until it reaches the clog, then use the wire head to pull the clog free or break it up enough to be washed down the drain. Here in Wheaton, drain cleaning can be performed by trained plumbers who have access to many different types of drain snakes. This gives them an advantage over do-it-yourselfers, who must often settle for traditional store-bought snakes to solve their problem. Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of drain snakes commonly used by plumbers.

Common Drain Snakes

  • Cable snakes. These snakes are attached to a handle or a rotating mechanism and turn the head much the way a corkscrew does. That helps the head burrow deeply into the clog, making it easier to dislodge it from your pipes.
  • Mechanized snakes. Mechanized snakes are attached to a motor and often resemble a drill as much as a plumbing instrument. The motor makes it easier to apply strength to the clog while spinning the head very rapidly, allowing it to make short work of the clog.
  • Flat tape snakes. These snakes use a flat cable to extend into the pipe instead of a hose. They’re designed to work in very small pipes and often push the clog free rather than yank it out. They’re usually effective when solid objects such as children’s toys cause the clog.
  • Toilet snakes. Toilet snakes use a very specialized cable, designed to work through the tight turns and narrow confines of toilet plumbing. They can be either hand cranked or motor powered, but regardless are made specifically for toilet clogs.

The various types of drain snakes help illustrate why you should call on professional plumbers like Lifeline Plumbing whenever you encounter a drain clog.

We work in Wheaton, drain cleaning services are standard, and we know how to apply the proper snake to fit your particular problem. Call us today and let us clear that clog up the right way!