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St. Charles, IL Plumber Guide: Pipe Replacement

Pipe replacement is a common repair service offered by plumbers all over the country. Pipes get old with age, or may burst in the cold of winter, especially in Midwest towns with low temperatures like St. Charles, IL. Plumber services are trained to handle pipe replacement issues all the time, and most can do so with speed and efficiency. But what, specifically, is involved with pipe replacement? The following basic steps cover it (specifically for metal pipes):

  1. Shut off the water to the affected pipe and drain the existing water. A plumber does this by shutting off the main water valve to the home, then opening up an outlet in the lowest point of the home (usually in the basement of a first-floor bathroom).
  2. From there, he measures the damaged length of pipe and applies those measurements to the replacement pipe. The new pipe will usually be a little longer than the old pipe, since it needs to factor in fittings.
  3. The plumber fits the pipe into a tube cutter and cuts the new pipe to the appropriate lengths. He then removes any metal burrs on the end and polishes the metal to better facilitate the soldering process.
  4. The plumber places a layer of flux on the pipe, which helps clean the metal and ensure a watertight fit.
  5. The new pipe is placed in the fitting and connected to the line of plumbing, then soldered into place with a blowtorch. Safety is paramount here, which is why trained experts always use goggles and other approved safety gear.
  6. The plumber wipes off the excess flux with a cloth, then turns the water back on and makes sure the new pipe hasn’t sprung any leaks.

Though simple and straightforward, pipe replacement is still a job for professionals. In Chicagoland towns like St. Charles, IL, plumber services are the purveyance of the trained experts at Lifeline Plumbing. We’re dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and have years of combined experience to apply to your plumbing issue. If you have a pipe that needs replacing, don’t hesitate to contact us today.