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Five Signs that Your Plumbing Needs Repair in Downers Grove


Have you ever ignored the signs of a plumbing issue, and it ends up becoming a much larger problem?

Believe it or not, this happens more often than you know. What starts as a clog can easily turn into a burst sewer pipe. As a Downers Grove homeowner, it is extremely important that you are able to catch certain plumbing issues and resolve them before they turn into much larger problem that could cost a lot more money and require a lot more work.

In this post, we’re going to cover the top five telltale signs that your plumbing needs repair so that you can take care of them before they turn into bigger problems:

1. Noisy Faucets

When you turn on your faucets, do you hear an odd screeching sound? You may hear that disturbing sound every time you turn your faucets on, and it is usually caused by pipes that have air in them. This mainly occurs when something is not quite right with your bleed-off system, and it should be checked by a professional plumber.

2. Water Pressure

Not getting enough water pressure can be an irritating problem, especially when the water barely trickles out of your faucets and showers due to low water pressure. This could be caused by a leak somewhere in your plumbing, a clog in the system in more places than one, or pipes that are not the right size. Again, a professional plumber will need to check the entire system to understand where the problem is coming from.

3. Bad Smells

Do you get a bad odor coming from your drains and/or kitchen sink? If the smell is isolated to your kitchen, it could just be that you have a clog in the sink that needs to be dealt with. If it’s coming from a particular drain vent, it could be sewer gas backing up and entering your home. If the smell is coming from all drain vents, it could be a problem with the sewer line. In any case, you’ll need an expert Downers Grove plumber to investigate the issue so that it can be fixed properly.

4. Stained Walls

Stains on the walls or damp walls are an indicator that there may be an internal leaking pipe. If the stain is on your ceiling and you see it growing wider, it could be caused by a bathroom that is leaking above. Leaks should be dealt with swiftly before they damage other areas of your home.

5. Slow Drains

Do you find that it takes longer than usual for the water to go down your drains? This could be due to blocks or clogs in the pipes that are not allowing water to drain quickly. You can try to use a drain cleaning solution for this. However, if you’re still facing the issue after using it a few times, we recommend calling your local plumber.

Although you may think it’s easier to take care of some common plumbing issues yourself, it is best to call in a professional to correctly diagnose the problem. This will guarantee that you do not overlook any aspects of your plumbing, which could end up costing you more in the long run.

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