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Naperville, IL Plumbing Guide: Why Water Heater Maintenance is Important

Every appliance in your house needs periodic maintenance and check-ups, particularly something as important as a water heater. We rarely think about the vital service it provides until it suddenly stops delivering, which is why water heater maintenance is important. In towns like Naperville, IL, plumbing services can provide routine upkeep that takes local conditions (such as our Midwest humidity and long winters) into consideration. But beyond the basic issues of wear and tear, why, specifically, is maintaining your water heater so important?

In the end, it’s probably the “water” part of “water heater” that makes the biggest difference. In order to do its job, the heater retains a full tank of water on hand at all times. As it moves in and out of the tank, that water can leave behind scaling and build-up, as well as suffering from corrosion over time. Flushing the water heater once a year can help prevent that build-up, while keeping the heater itself safe from wear and tear.

Water can also break down other parts of the water heater over time, including the anode rod which keeps your tank from getting rusty. Checking it on a regular basis – perhaps once or twice a year – will allow you to replace it before it breaks down completely. You can check the various pipes for damage or corrosion; if water is pooling around any part of the water heater, it probably means that a leak has developed.

In all of these cases, early detection and prevention is the key to avoiding any costlier repairs. Replacing an anode rod is cheaper and easier than replacing an entire water heater, and a good cleaning can remove the scaling and mineral deposits that lead to bigger issues. Call the Naperville, IL plumbers at Lifeline Plumbing to set up an inspection and maintenance plan.  We understand why water heater maintenance is important and we want to help you keep yours in the best shape possible. Give us a call today.