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The Advantages of an HVAC Air Duct Replacement in your West Chicago Home

Are you facing any heating or cooling problems in your West Chicago home? The culprit could be your ductwork. Depending on the age of your house, if your ducts are more than a decade old, they may be to blame for causing a series of airflow problems, and it’s likely that you’ll need an HVAC duct replacement.

However, if the air ducts have been replaced a couple of years back, and if they are leaking, they may just need to be sealed. In either case, it is best to hire a professional HVAC contractor to work on the ducts in your West Chicago home.

Here are some of the major benefits of having your duct repaired or replaced:

Improved Air Quality

An HVAC ductwork replacement will give your home an immediate and noticeable change in the air quality. The air quality will improve tremendously since there will be significantly less dust or allergens. Additionally, this can help eradicate mold spores and moldy smells. All of these changes in air quality will ultimately result in fewer allergy flare-ups and better overall health for all the residents of the house.

Increased Air Flow

If there are gaps along the ductwork, the air pressure will decrease, resulting in a weaker airflow coming from the vents. Air coming out of the vents with inadequate air pressure will struggle to cool the room effectively. Ducts need to be sealed along their length from the HVAC unit all the way to the vents. This helps to retain the air pressure and evenly maintains the temperature of the room.

Better Temperature Regulation

Once air leakage from the ducts has been fixed, i.e. after your ducts have been repaired or replaced, your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard. As a result, you’ll notice that the temperature in all the rooms is more consistent and there is no major temperature fluctuation.

Increased Energy Efficiency

If the ducts are leaking or blocked, the HVAC unit has to expend a lot of energy to heat or cool your home. However, once the ducts are replaced, the temperature will be regulated and the amount of energy required to maintain the desired temperature will be reduced. This lower consumption of energy will also result in money savings due to lower energy bills.

A Longer Life Span of Your HVAC Unit

When the ductwork is properly-sized, clean and sealed, it will assist the HVAC unit in performing its function adequately. The HVAC unit undergoes less strain if the cooled or heated air is able to travel smoothly through the ductwork. Owing to this fact, keeping your ducts in proper working condition will help prolong the lifespan of your HVAC unit.

Better Comfort

Damaged ducts will not only cause improper temperature regulation and reduction in airflow, but will also lead to changes in humidity inside the ducts, which will start to affect the humidity level in your home.  New ducts help you get the most out of your HVAC system by producing stable comfort levels throughout the house.

Need a Licensed Air Duct Repair and Replacement Contractor in West Chicago?

Do you need your air ductwork repaired in order to take advantage of the benefits listed above? Looking to install new air ducts in your home? If so, you need a qualified HVAC professional in West Chicago.

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