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Five Important Tips for Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs, Maintenance and New Installation in Bartlett

One of the most frustrating feelings as a homeowner is to return your home on a cold winter evening or a hot summer afternoon, only to find that your heating or air conditioning unit is non-functional.

If your heating or air conditioning unit has served its term of 10 to 15 years, and if you’ve been noticing that you have to frequently get it serviced, it’s probably time to think about investing in a new unit.


Here are five important tips that you should know about new heating and air conditioning installations in Bartlett:

1. Select the Right Size

Instead of buying a unit that is the same capacity as the one being replaced or making a close guess on the right size needed for your space, it’s best to leave this decision to a professional. A seasoned professional will calculate the square footage of your property and, based on the area that needs to be cooled, will recommend the right size of the unit to ensure that the home gets adequate ventilation, cooling, and heating as per the requirement of the house. As a word of caution, you should avoid buying used units. They may seem attractive due to the lower price, but in the long run, may end up costing more in repairs.

2. Proper Installation is Necessary

The latest models of heating and air conditioning units available today are more energy efficient than they have ever been in the past. Therefore, they’ll need to be properly installed in order to make the most of the high efficiency they offer. A highly efficient unit that is improperly installed by an amateur or inexperienced technician can defeat the purpose of purchasing the unit, and it can even cause the unit to operate with up to 25% less efficiency. It is strongly recommended that you hire a licensed and experienced HVAC professional to perform the installation.

3. Hire the Right Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in Bartlett

Before hiring an heating and air conditioning company in Bartlett to install the unit, ensure that they will get the job done efficiently and effectively. Contact the Better Business Bureau to see how long they’ve been servicing the market, talk to friends, relatives, and neighbors, and don’t be shy to ask them about relevant certifications and testimonials for HVAC unit installations.

4. Consider Implementing Recommendations

If you are replacing your unit, chances are that during the inspection, the company might recommend other fixes. This might include insulating the windows, fixing breaches on the walls, and repairing or replacing the ductwork. Implementing these recommendations could increase the installation time as well as the cost of the project. However, it is recommended that these be done along with installation. This will significantly help the unit reach the correct temperature quickly, and you will also save on utility bills.

5. Establish a Maintenance Plan

After a successful installation, the technician will guide you through the operation procedure, how the unit works, how to operate it at optimum efficiency, and how to set the thermostat. You’ll also be informed about warranties available on your unit. This is also a good time to sign up for an annual maintenance plan with the HVAC contractor so that check-ups, tune-ups, and filter changes are done regularly without you having to worry about it.

Need to Install a New Heating or Air Conditioning Unit in Bartlett?

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