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Furnace Installation and Replacement in Elgin & Chicagoland

Are you looking for a reliable heater that will give you years of powerful heating? It’s hardly surprising that the furnace is one of the most popular heaters on the market today. As a forced–air distribution heater, a furnace provides rapid delivery of heated air into your living space so that you can get warm quickly and stay that way. Whether you’re looking for a high efficiency gas furnace for a new home build, or a budget model to replace your existing model, we can make sure that the entire process runs smoothly. We offer a variety of furnace services to residents in the Elgin and Chicagoland area:

Our furnace technicians care about the comfort and convenience of our customers’ homes; so much so, in fact, that we offer same–day service and don’t charge extra for work done on the weekends. We are problem solvers who undergo weekly trainings so that they stay up to date on the latest equipment. 

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Which Furnace Will You Choose?

There is a probably a greater range of furnace types and brands than any other type of heating system. There is simply no shortage of choice when it comes to the installation of your new system, but deciding amongst them can be difficult. The first step is making sure that you get an appropriately sized furnace. But you also have to consider the fuel source. There are three basic kinds: gas, electric, oil.

As you can imagine, the gas furnace is one of the most popular because it burns very cleanly and is highly efficient, both of which are important factors. Electric furnaces are the cleanest because they do not involve any combustion at all, but they can be costly. An oil furnace is also a great option. Depending on what type of fuel is available and cost–effective in your area, we can recommend a furnace that suits your home and your heating needs.

More About Our Furnace Installation and Replacement Services

Simply put, you cannot expect your furnace to work properly if it is not installed by a professional furnace installation technician. This is especially important in the case of gas and oil furnaces because they involve combustion, but it really applies to any heating system. There are good reasons to call Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Heating & Cooling for your furnace installation service. Not only will your furnace be more reliable, but it will also perform much better and give you years of efficient heating. With energy costs ever on the rise, you need to make sure that your furnace has what it needs to succeed. Our furnace technicians can handle any furnace installation needs you may have.

There are various signs that should tip you off that your furnace needs to be replaced. Short of a major breakdown, you should look for increasingly higher energy bills, especially if your furnace is older. Another sign that it might be time to let your old system retire is frequent repairs. It may make more sense, financially speaking, to call for professional furnace replacement service than to continue fixing an obsolete system. 

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