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Four Signs that Indicate Your Oak Brook Furnace Needs Repair


Your furnace may have run smoothly all throughout the winter months. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it does not require some maintenance.

Most likely, everything may be fine with your furnace. But there might be some signs to suggest that your furnace needs professional attention.

Here are four signs indicating that your Oak Brook furnace needs a maintenance or repair company:

1. You’re Noticing Unusual Smells

You shouldn’t take any odd smells coming from your furnace lightly. An unusual smell could be something minor, or it could suggest a major problem that needs to be addressed right away. In any case, if you smell something out of the ordinary, it’s wise to immediately call your Oak Brook area heating and air conditioning repair company for help.

In most cases, the smell could be due to a gas leak, a chemical leak, or a burning part. If you smell gas, this is an extremely urgent issue. It is recommended that you leave your residence immediately, call an emergency heating and air conditioning specialist, then call your utility provider.

If you sense a chemical-like smell, it could be a carbon monoxide leak, which is equally dangerous. Again, you should leave your home and call your heating and air conditioning repair professional for an emergency visit.

A burning smell could indicate a worn-out part, a burnt wire, or a burnt motor. In this case, we recommend calling your heating and air conditioning provider to come and identify the issue before it escalates into something more serious.

2. You’re Hearing Odd Noises

In most cases, your furnace will not make any noises other than the sound of air flowing. If you’re hearing strange noises coming from your furnace, it means that something is not right and should be looked into.

For example, a loud, thumping noise may suggest that the filter in your heating and air conditioning system is not functioning properly, or a creaking sound could mean that a belt or other part has come loose and needs to be fixed or changed.

A heating and air conditioning expert has the skills needed to recognize where the noise is coming from, and how to repair it in order to get your furnace back on track.

3. You’re Not Seeing the Pilot Light Burning

A pilot light is a small flame that burns in a furnace and needs to be burning all the time in order for the furnace to work properly. If you see that no flame is burning, that means that the pilot light may have burnt out and needs to be ignited again.

There could be a number of reasons why a pilot light may have gone out. Sometimes, it may be as simple as a draft that put it out, or it could be due to an issue with the pilot light itself. In any case, if you see the pilot light not burning, a heating and air conditioning professional can identify the issue and fix it.

4. Your Furnace is Not Working Fast Enough

When you change the temperature in your thermostat, you should feel a change in temperature within a half-hour to an hour. However, if you don’t notice a change, this could mean that your furnace is not operating efficiently.

Slow performance could be due to a motor or part impairment, clogged air vents, or a malfunction in the thermostat itself. We recommend calling a heating and air conditioning professional to get an expert opinion.

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