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3 Tell-Tale Indications You Need Drain Cleaning

If you’re anything like the average homeowner, then you probably believe that drain cleaning is something that only needs to be done if a clog has completely stopped your drain. This is not the case—there are actually a number of warning signs that indicate when you are likely in need of a good drain cleaning. The quicker you react to such a need, the more time and effort you’ll save yourself. Keep reading for some common indicators that a drain cleaning is needed.

Foul Odors

As waste sticks and builds up on the walls of your pipes, it can start to give off a bad stench. This is particularly true in kitchen sink drains, which are subjected to many more different types of waste than bathroom sinks. If you detect a foul odor coming out of one or more of your drains, you should schedule drain cleaning right away.

Slow Drainage

Drain clogs tend to form over time, as food waste in the kitchen or hair and soap in the bathroom sticks to the walls of your drain pipes. The more this debris sticks to the pies, the more the flow of water through the drain will be obstructed. If your drain begins to work more and more slowly, it’s a sign you need a drain cleaning.

Frequent Clogs

Many times, homeowners may find their own solution to a drain clog, in the form of store-bought chemical drain cleaners. If you’re experiencing frequent clogs, however, then your own efforts are probably insufficient to deal with the waste in your pipes. Additionally, these drain cleaners can actually cause corrosion in your pipes and/or build up inside your pipes just exacerbating the problem. Be sure to give our professionals a call if you notice this common problem.

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